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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that deals with the automation of intelligent behavior. In concrete terms, this means that the AI attempts to reproduce an intelligence in order to be able to process decisions and logic independently with a computer. Due to the complexity of this subject, there is no uniform definition of artificial intelligence.

Topics such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and IBM Watson follow us daily and show how far the artificial intelligence has come to this day. The artificial intelligence allows so far unimagined possibilities for processing and evaluating information. For example, Watson helps doctors diagnose by consulting millions of books, publications, and other information to determine the patient’s symptoms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) compared to Robotic Process Automation

In times when more and more data need to be processed faster, conventional computer programs and algorithms reach their limits. This is what offers great potential and hope in the field of AI.

It means that AI is able to automate processes without clear rules and high complexity. This is one of the major differences to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) because RPA can only automate rule-based processes.

Sample functions that AI can perform:

  • Visual recognition possible
  • Recognize the language pattern
  • Search for information in unstructured and semi-structured information sources
  • Identify structures and patterns
  • Recognize natural language and understand context
  • Cognitive perception

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