Perfect business processes with Personal Robotic Assistance (PRA)

What started with Siri in the iPhones of Apple about five years ago, already found the way in our living rooms. I am talking about intelligent personal assistants. But it is not about the nice cleaning lady from the neighborhood, it is about intelligent robots. Pepper, Buddy or Jibo for instance can listen, respond, order food or reduce the stress of everyday life by reminding of appointments.

The Personal Robotic Assistant helps to master different challenges

Even in the office, personal robot assistants are used more frequently than ever since the processes, systems and requirements in the company are becoming more and more complex and are constantly changing. As a result of this increasing complexity and the continuous change of processes new as well as experienced employees have to learn permanently. It is difficult for them to keep an overview and concentrate on the essentials. In addition, companies often have to struggle with high employee fluctuation which means that much knowledge is lost in individual process steps – often simply lacking appropriate knowledge transfer.

But how does Personal Robotic Assistance work?

Personal Robotic Assistance, or PRA for short, is a remedy. The robot helps the employees in the process sequences and supports their productivity and work quality. The robot assistant is executed in the background on the employee system. By the help of “sensors”, the robot assistant notices when the employee is in a certain process step and can actively support him.

 Example: Support for compliance of SLAs in customer support

Different customers often have individual SLAs (Sercive Level Agreements) and services. The robot assistant recognizes for which customer the employee is currently opening a ticket in the system and can display additional information: For example the agreed reaction time for the customer, a link to the customer-specific knowledge database, etc., always ensuring that SLAs are adhered to.

This means that the robot is able to help actively and in real time in special contexts and processes. Thus, the employee as the opportunity to concentrate on his tasks and not to be detained from organizational pettinesses.

Conclusion: Give your employees time to work

With Pepper, Buddy and Co., mothers and fathers find more time for themselves and their families at home. The robot assistant is the personal cleaning woman and child girl for your employees and can support them without having to change applications or systems to reach the targets faster and prevent errors.

If you have questions about PRA, or if you are interested in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.


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