Process automation in the days of Generation Y

In a few years companies have to deal with serious changes: high-birthrate baby boomer generation will gradually retire. Hence, a wide gap will open up if the young talents stay away. Through trends like globalization or increasing service awareness, the processes are becoming more extensive and complex. The requirements on employees increase. As a result the search for new and high-performance candidates will automatically be harder.

The generation of lifestyle and self-fulfillment

To be able to reduce the pressure on finding proper junior employees, more and more often a specific audience gains all the attention: the Generation Y, or the Millennials. This is the gerneration born between 1980 and 1999, characterized by the drive for self-realization and the inseparable combination of performance and enjoyment of life as well as the desire for a healthy work-life balance. This group is absolutely aware of its importance and is convinced to find a great job.

The aforementioned process diversity does not remain constant, but is steadily increasing and becoming more complex. Thus, it is more important than ever to be able to win this generation over to your side as your employee.

The automated processes are the future

Companies have to be able to bring in line the increasing number of processes by their self-confidence and their desire for a flexible work life much more expansive Millennials. Because both sides usually mean rising costs.

How this cost pressure can be counteracted is obviously simple: The processes must become more efficient. By a growing number of processes running more structured, faster and without much effort there are equally fewer employees needed to just keep this going. The key word here is process automation. Especially the basic processes and “daily business” tasks can often be processed automatically to which, for instance Robotic Process Automation, short RPA, can make an important contribution. This software solution provides a virtual employee, which can more quickly and more precisely than a normal employee automatically perform structured processes. This creates potential to save time and costs and to make employees be able to focus on care-intensive projects.

Conclusion: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the Generation Y go well together

If companies wish to continue meeting the needs of their customers and remaining sustainable with their products in the market in the future, most of them will not get around automated processes. With RPA you are able to run processes automatically and more efficiently on the one hand, on the other hand to create scope for development for the achievement-oriented young talents to push forward the company. The Generation Y will thank you, because their dream of self-realization can now easily be realized.


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