Roboyo goes international – Barcelona, Spain

Start of our new development hub in Barcelona, Spain.

¡Buenos días!

After Roboyo’s enormous growth over the last months and its successful capture of the German market, we want to meet the demands of our customers from the Iberian Peninsula and be able to counsel them personally and on-site. Consequently, we will start our new office in Barcelona in July 2017. This office will serve as a development hub for our international clients. Additionally, we will cover local clients, branches of our German customers and in Portugal the large Shared Services Community. We increasingly observe , that customers from all over the world contact us in order to gain know-how from experts rather than purchasing the big consultancy companies‘ general knowledge. Initial distance is not a roadblock anymore to gain this experience.

Why do we expand early on into Spain?

Following a long recession, the economy in Spain grew twice as much as the other great EU-members, showing a 3.2% growth rate in the last year. As well for 2017 the OECD predicts outstanding 2.5%. The enterprises in Spain finally invest again after many years of uncertainty and want to increase their productivity. Spain’s productivity occupies last place of the OECD countries behind Mexico. From 2008 to 2015, companies were not able to improve their efficiency at all. We see our potential in promoting the productiveness of many companies with the assistance of our various offers across process automation. Therefore, we want to help businesses optimising and automating their processes and lower their costs.

Up to now, Roboyo employs people from seven different nations while covering 13 languages, making it a multicultural company. Together we successfully react according to the challenges of the international market. We establish this additional hub with five employees to begin with.

Our goal is to increase our number of offices on-site in different European countries in the next years ahead.

Follow us on our journey and contact us, if you are interested in our assistance.

¡Hasta luego!


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