Digitise or Die

We live in a society which has got used to things happening immediately.  When it comes to business, evolving digitally is one of the key factors to survive over time. It is very surprising to see that some companies still do not believe in digitalization, and that some, for example, Blockbuster, have even vanished from the market.

I believe that the supply chain is one of the most important components of the business to automate and digitalize. Automating supply chain processes can shorten the time taken to deliver services between the company and the end user. This will reflect by being able to offer more services, lower costs and increase quality overall.

Businesses need to eliminate barriers and bring products and services as close to the client as possible. Sometimes it is bureaucracies, compliance, security, or other intermediate processes but a vast majority of these can be digitalized and automated.

Let us see an example: If we imagine we want to open a bank account. An option would be to go to an office and try to open the account. Now, let us think about the risks of failing to open the account if we do that way. It is possible that the bank is closed at the time of visiting, some previous documentation might also be missing, distance to the bank could be too far, or appearing on defaulting debtor lists could stand in the way, etc. If we digitalize this process and we apply Robotic Process Automation (RPA) this process will be executed in a faster, lower cost way as robots can run at any time 24h a day. There are companies that are already automating this kind of process. In fact, just yesterday I saw an ad which literally said: “open an account with a selfie” amazing, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I believe that we should all see digitalization and automation as something very positive. Actually, the sooner we adapt digitally and put in place RPA, the sooner we will be evolving your business. Did you know that only 50% of companies use automations? I personally see digitalization as evolution and adapting to the future. On the contrary, to refuse digitalization means stay far below from the business world and risk falling off the radar entirely.

Marc Fábregas, Head of Marketing at Roboyo.


This article was originally published at the Harvard Deusto magazine in April 2020.
Tags: #digitalevolution, #RPA #FutureOfWork #DigitalProcesses #PhysicalRobots