New partnership: Roboyo and Santander Germany

NURNBERG, April 22nd, 2020 – Santander Germany, one of the top 5 private banks in Germany in terms of the number of customers, and Roboyo, an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) pure play company which is leader in consulting and implementation of intelligent process automation, strength their collaboration in the field of RPA. Santander Germany has got into the intelligent automation field to provide a better service to its clients.

Santander Germany and Roboyo worked together and managed to automate a repetitive process that occurs more than 26.000 times a year making more efficient the process and the service provided to clients.

Ulrich Lupprian, Project Manager & Team Leader at Santander is impressed on how quick the results were, he literally said: “It was a fascinating experience to see how such a small project group managed to automate a mass process in just a few weeks. And we are proud of the results: a much more efficient process and, in addition, an enhancement of the quality of customer data that will be continuously improved in the future.”

Santander Germany continues to expand its digital capabilities to provide to their clients an integrated customer experience across all channels.

About Santander Germany

Santander Germany is one of the top 5 private banks in Germany in terms of the number of customers. It offers private and corporate customers comprehensive financial services through various channels. Whether online, via video advice or in person at the branch – Santander has a service and product range that covers a broad spectrum, from current accounts and credit cards to mortgages and securities business. In Germany, the Bank is the largest manufacturer-independent financier of mobility and is also a leader in consumer financing. The wholly owned subsidiary of the Spanish Banco Santander is located in Mönchengladbach.

About Roboyo

Roboyo is a a global leading intelligent automation pure-play consulting company (HfS 2018) dedicated to introducing businesses to the Digital Era.

Headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany with offices in Spain, Switzerland, India and the USA, Roboyo work with Global 500 companies across various industries including automotive, banking, insurance, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, energy, health care, real estate and many more. They support clients globally in both the end to end delivery of automation solutions and the implementation of supporting capabilities to establish a sustainable automation business model. Roboyo’s work covers capabilities across the intelligent automation spectrum, including RPA, OCR / ICR and AI to enable the future of work.

Press contact

René Hartmann, Santander Germany

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Nicolas Hess, Roboyo

Phone: +49 911 4771610