Roboyo Gets Going

Roboyo Gets Going

We have successfully launched into 2016 and have made a reality of the dream of offering intelligent process automation.

Since our launch, a great deal has happened. The foundation of the company, first appointments with customers, team meetings and a lot of work overall have so far kept us on our toes. Together with our customers, we want to successfully head into the future and be your point of contact for the intelligent automation of your business processes. We’re excited about this goal and will offer the best and most innovative solutions for intelligent process automation.

If you have questions about our solutions or experiences, please write us an email to or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

In future blog entries, we will be writing about exciting topics and trends in the industry, as well as other related ideas worth being familiar with. In addition, in the “What We’re Reading” section, you can find interesting information on books, magazines, and articles which have impressed us.


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