UiPath Go! Roboyo delivers Excellence

UiPath Go! Roboyo delivers Excellence

Miami, October 4th 2018

UiPath launches UiPath Go! RPA Marketplace – Roboyo stands out early

At the “UiPathForward Miami” event, UiPath Go! was released. Roboyo proudly leads the RPA Marketplace with its plug-and-play downloadable automation kits, adding to Roboyo’s RPA Training efforts to improve and expand RPA.

Roboyo RPA Training

At the same event, Uipath also announced that we are the first ever partner to be able to certify UiPath Foundation Training. Therefore, we are the first global partner to certify all UiPath Trainings.

What is Uipath Go!?

UiPath Go! is a “Marketplace” for automations offering immediate access to an extensive set of RPA and AI building-blocks that developers, customers, and partners can share to help each other accelerate automations.

Its principles are purely collaborative and transparent. Go! features open and extensible solutions, which are instantly downloadable and approved by UiPath!

Now it is possible to get started faster, better and more stable, benefiting from a large, dedicated community of contributors.

Where do the UiPath Go! Building-Blocks come from?

Among the above-mentioned community of contributors, there are selected UiPath partners. Roboyo is proud to be the leading partner and contributor of UiPath Go!

Roboyo already offers six “plug-and-play” automations ready for download for free. You can take a closer look at them here.


UiPath Go! RPA Marketplace dominated by Roboyo

UiPath Go! RPA Marketplace dominated by Roboyo

What does the the UiPath Go! Marketplace offer today?

  • Reusable RPA components;
  • Drag-and-drop process activities;
  • Plug-and-play machine learning models;
  • Connectors to tie UiPath to your favorite technologies;
  • End-to-end process automations solving domain and industry-specific business problems;
  • Reporting and analytics dashboards;
  • Best practices and product documentation.


Have in mind that until the end of October, UiPath Go! will be in preview mode. Try it now and help improve it together with the growing and fast learning RPA community!

Do you have any questions about the new RPA Marketplace or are you curious how Roboyo can help your company accelerating and improving your RPA journey?

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